Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Extinction of the Dahlias or Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw

Watching Nature in action as the seasons pass can be quite mysterious. Why does dirt disappear from my window box? Can it really be the forces of erosion at work? I didn't think California storms became that forceful. Why did my dahlias flower faithfully for five years and then just disappear? I thought after all that fertilizing and growth they would multiply instead. Are there raccoons in my neighborhood ready to raid my balcony once they figure out there is a whole, thriving colony of tasty well-fed little wrigglers out there?

And what on earth possesses a squirrel to eat the rubber tubing on my gas barbecue?

Is it ours to question why?

Or just ours to go out and buy those squirrel guards for rubber tubes?

Yes, they sell squirrel guards for this purpose. Mine looks like a large steel spring and cost about $5 (on sale). Don't forget the replacement rubber tube. Not on sale for $20. Ouch. So, when a barbecue salesperson gazes at you with pleading eyes to buy the squirrel guard, don't chalk this up as one for the funny farm. The salesperson is serious and so are the squirrels.

Just today, I was watching my balcony, tissues in hand, peacefully communing away when I realized I was under attack.

No, not an allergy attack. Already experiencing that.

It was the voracious squirrel.

Apparently, stainless steel barriers had only encourage him to delve deeper into a life of crime and he was attacking my window boxes. Dirt and my carefully planted seeds (?) went flying. That dirty Spermophilus mumble-mumble. Get away from my pollen producers! You're ruining my planned ecosystem. Hold still so I can hit you. And identify your species. Take that!

Breath in, breath out... you are one with the world.... calm.... calm...

Careful inspection revealed massive earthworks in progress. Clearly, he'd planned to get to the bottom of the the whole thing. That window box is at least six inches deep, or one squirrel height. Good grief, I'd interrupted something major. Like the heist of my dahlias!!!!!


Didn't I use to have a begonia?

Not anymore I don't.

This is war.

Military intelligence is called for. To the Google search engine...

Squirrel repellent = FOX PEE???!!!


all natural, huh.

How about I start by adding some soap to the water. Bugs hate it too. 

And put that five pound brick over the lid on the little wriggler's bin.

Let's hope the raccoons don't work out at the gym.

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